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Printing is an art form unto itself...

I offer giclée printing services, specializing in the reproduction of fine art and photography... yours or mine.

Giclée is another term for inkjet prints (derived from a French word meaning to spray), although not all inkjet prints are giclée. A giclée print is made from the highest quality inkjet printers using archival papers and ink for greater longevity, as well as more than double the number of inks compared to a basic four-color CMYK inkjet printer... producing a greater range of color and subtle shades of gray in black and white prints.

Canon 44” wide-format, 11 color inkjet printer, designed for photography and fine art reproductions.

Client CMU.jpg

Colorado Mesa University

St. Mary's Hospital

Attention to Detail


The seemingly endless choices for paper has made the entire process of printing and framing decisions more complicated than ever before. Paper categories consist of glossy, matte, luster, metallic, watercolor textured and fine-art papers; some of which complement certain pictures and interior design features better than others.

As a photographer, I understand color, contrast, sharpness and all those type of details. And if your experience with printers has been that they usually do no more than just print what you send them (even if there's a glaring problem), I can do much more... like using my judgment for determining whether slight adjustments to the digital image might improve the print. Most businesses rely on machines; I rely on human communication and experience to make really great prints.

Consider the benefits of working with a small business the next time you want to speak with the person who actually makes your prints instead of a customer service person. Call me, I'm both… and I probably have the answers to your most pressing questions.

St. Mary's Hospital

Balanced Rock Inn

ProSpace Interiors

I have a great passion for black and white images!


There's just so much craftsmanship that goes into the making of a black and white print. After all, these type of images often involve more than just printing with black ink. My printer uses four different combinations of black and gray inks. And if there's any kind of color toning involved (I love a delicate sepia toning like this image of Denver's Union Station), the experience of your printer becomes indispensable.

Photographic Artwork for your Home or Business...

Some of my images of dilapidated buildings complement the most elegant and contemporary commercial spaces.

For this home in Snowmass, Colorado, the interior designer selected abstract images that I created by intentionally moving the camera during a long exposure.


Hello Ed:

Thank you so much for working with Valley View Hospital and sharing your talents with our patients and families.

The image is fabulous! Nancy from the GWS framing shop called after you delivered the print and was extremely excited.

I walked over to take a look and shared her joy. Now framed, the image hangs beautifully in our newly renovated Internal Medicine Clinic. A wonderful addition. Your kindness and thoughtfulness in working with us is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Far more than landscape and nature photographs.... 

I create all kinds of distinctive images of musical instruments, classic cars, still-life, and impressionist subjects.

Please check out my image galleries before leaving my website.

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