Calendars keep your company's name in front of customers on a daily basis throughout the year, and are the promotional product your customers will love to keep!


Wall Calendars


Choose pictures from my image galleries, supply your own images, or I'll find pictures using online sources in order to create the perfect promotional piece for your business.

•  Spiral / twin-loop bound

•  Stapled 24-page plus cover booklet

•  Year-at-a-glance wall calendars

•  Contractor calendars

My work specializes in custom designed calendars.

Choose all of the pictures, highlight special dates for your business beyond just national holidays, or add discount coupons to bring in more customers... anything to connect more effectively with your customers.


Calendars with Multiple Imprints for

Businesses with Branch Locations


For businesses with a lot of branch locations, we can print a large quantity of inside pages that are all the same for the company, and personalize the cover for each branch location's address, phone and local contact information..... all at a price to put a smile on your accountant's face. The cover area with individualized copy extends below the monthly grid.

This product is popular with realtor organizations too, where each realtor is typically an independent contractor. Each broker can print their own picture and contact information, combining orders with others in the firm for an affordable price.


Desk Calendars


•  Tent calendars

•  CD case calendars

•  Desk pad calendars

•  Mouse pad calendars

Showcase your people, your product, or the landscape of your service area.


Stock Picture Calendars


These are calendars produced by major publishers covering about any theme you can imagine.  From wildlife to classic automobiles, if you have a subject that fits your business, I can most likely find a calendar to match.


If not, it might be not much more expensive simply designing a custom calendar, especially if the quantity is more than a few hundred.