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Laminated Gallery Mount (no glass, frame, or mat)

Colorado Mesa University

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Printing Photographs on Paper and Canvas

Printing is an art form unto itself. I love printing... to be able to hold something that I’ve made is deeply rewarding. I don’t feel like my creation is complete until I’ve printed it on paper. My intent is to make pictures that are visually interesting with rich textures and detail.

These are a few of my favorite papers....


•  Premium Luster is the most popular paper that I use. Colors are rich and it's the most economical option. Distracting reflections are minimized with a luster paper.


•  Canvas is commonly used for what's called a "canvas wrap," which, as its name implies, wraps the canvas around the outside of wood bars, eliminating the need for framing. Or you can mount canvas to a foam core backing material and frame it without glass. Just don't place it in direct sunlight.

Want something that looks like a painting?

•  German Etching is my favorite. It's a beautifully textured watercolor paper, but still holds the sharp detail of a smooth surface paper. An option with this paper is adding a deckled edge, which simulates the hand-made paper making process prior to the 19th century.

Custom Framing

St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Junction, Colorado


Printing on Acrylic, Glass, Metal,Tile, Fabric, etc....

Printing on paper is just the tip of the iceberg.  All kinds of

thick, rigid materials can be printed for decorative art purposes. Fabrics too.


Consider art for architectural applications:

•  window dividers in a corporate office, direct to glass or film

•  ceramic tile or glass kitchen backsplashes

•  bathroom tile walls

•  glass shower doors

•  acoustical sound dampening fabric

Modular Glass Panel Walls

Sutter Health Van Ness Medical Office, San Francisco

What you need to know about printing....


Printing Wallpaper

The first question I typically hear is: "Can you enlarge your pictures and still get good quality at such a large size?" The simple answer is: Yes. But there are a lot of things to consider in reproducing a digital image for wall murals....


The base image resolution straight out of the camera is one. Making a good sharp picture to begin with is another. Some images with dark, noisy shadows don't look so great when enlarged, so some images are better candidates than another. And, finally, every digital image must be "upsized" in terms of its resolution, and there are good and bad ways of doing that. So feel free to call and ask questions about your next wall mural project.

Art for Commercial and Residential Environments

Some of my images of dilapidated buildings complement the most elegant and contemporary commercial spaces.

For this home in Snowmass, Colorado, the interior designer selected abstract images that I created by intentionally moving the camera during a long exposure.

Art for Hotels

I offer a wide variety of photographic themes perfect for hotels... from landscapes and intimate views of nature to still-life images at home.

Specialized Art for Senior Living and Memory Care Facilities

Art for memory care facilities demands special attention to the psychological needs of their residents. I offer a variety of vintage themed images, perfect for providing a comfortable and familiar environment for older people, such as...

a photographic collage of 3¢ stamps, and a collage of old record covers.  See more....


Hello Ed:

Thank you so much for working with Valley View Hospital and sharing your talents with our patients and families.

The image is fabulous! Nancy from the GWS framing shop called after you delivered the print and was extremely excited.

I walked over to take a look and shared her joy. Now framed, the image hangs beautifully in our newly renovated Internal Medicine Clinic. A wonderful addition. Your kindness and thoughtfulness in working with us is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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