Gallery Mount Prints


Gallery Mount prints are one of the least expensive ways (short of thumbtacks) of displaying artwork on a wall. Prints are mounted to a thin wood frame... no mat, glass, or custom framing saves on costs.


How They're Made


The board upon which the print is mounted can be either black PVC or wood. PVC is slightly less expensive. Wood can be painted in many colors. The material is typically 1/4 to 3/8" thick with a beveled edge.


The photograph is protected with a choice of hi-gloss or matte laminates. Matte does a wonderful job of minimizing reflections. There's also a dry-erase laminate.

Wood cleats for hanging the photograph are suggested for larger pieces. A wood keyhole mount or hanging wire is available for smaller pieces.


What you need to know about printing....

Still have questions? That's not unusual... printing is fraught with details, and my job is to simplify them.

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