Making richly detailed pictures is my passion.

I am a photographer. A visual person... inclined to get restless looking at the same things in the same way.

So I look closer and more deeply into everything around me – everything – from trees and flowers, and what's on the dining room table, to old derelict buildings. Somewhere in the depths of what I see though my camera lens,

the essence of the subject appears... the picture within the picture. And every day is a new adventure.


From the first moment I lay my eyes on something to photograph, my eyes are looking at composition...

how best to arrange the elements in the frame, what to include, and, more importantly, what not to include. How the lighting impacts the picture. Then my head begins to process all the technical stuff – focus point, aperture, shutter speed.

If I don't care to brave the outdoor rain, wind or snow, sometimes I pull objects together and arrange my own picture at home... like these scraps of flowers retrieved from a dumpster, placed in a plastic container, filled with water, frozen, and then photographed.

Photography is a lot of work – really.


I'm totally enamored with black and white photography.

Maybe it's the simplicity of tone and lines, or its timeless quality.

Printing was a career that began for me totally by chance; not terribly unusual for a twenty-one year old guy fresh out of school. Photography was more of an evolution....


The attraction to detail invites a curious eye to look deeper into man-made subjects as well. I’m as happy looking in a junk yard around town for interesting images as I am the most spectacularly scenic areas of our nearby mountains. Rich texture and detail, the subject of my pictures, can be found anywhere if one has the inclination to look.

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