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Yesterday, today, or fifty years from now... the human element drives business relationships.


Photography of People at Work

People make the difference:

A craftsman puts their heart into their work. They work with passion, care, and attention to detail. 
And regardless of whether your business is manufacturing, retailing, or providing a service, we're all essentially a craftsman. 


Ask 100 business owners what makes their company excel over the competition, and 99 will probably say their employees make the difference. And, of course, it's human nature to look at pictures of people. That's why it's so important to feature pictures of employees at work in your advertising.  You can't just simply say it; you have to show it. The pictures need to be really good... and that's my job.


All great advertising begins with a great visual.

Marketing research for decades has proven that readers see a picture first, then look at a caption, and then might read some of your advertising text. Pictures are the first, and in many cases the only, means of communication that you have with your customers. The average time viewing a web page is something like 15 seconds. So it's imperative that pictures tell the story of your business.  

Not all images are created equal:

Poor quality images – those that are fuzzy, pixelated, poorly composed - are a reflection of your business, and arguably do more harm than good. 

Stock photos – those that are obviously stock photos – look contrived. You know... the ones that were created to look like a Goldman Sachs boardroom with professional models. In other words, stock pictures give your audience the impression that you have no interest in communicating a genuine picture of your business.


Dynamic Images – In photography jargon, there are static images and there are dynamic images. Static images are flat, lack depth and motion. Dynamic images show movement... something which engages and encourages the viewer to explore the picture.  I can make pictures which tell the story of your business that your audience probably would have missed in a page of text.

Business Portraits

I can shoot everything from a single headshot to a large group, with natural light and location of your choice, or bring a portable fabric backdrop to your place of business with small easy-to-set-up lights... whatever "look" you're looking for.

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Canvas GJ_Jordan.jpg
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Hi Ed,

You’ve done such a fantastic job, and I really can’t thank you enough for the quality and speed with which you worked.


Canvas Credit Union


Board of Directors Portraits

Headshots - I Bring My Studio to You.


Why leave your home or office?  I can bring portable lights and fabric backgrounds in a variety of colors to you for headshots.

Headshot Prices:

Single half-hour session...... $125.00

Business group sessions, 2-4 people...... $70.00 per person

Business group sessions, 5-9 people...... $55.00 per person

Call for pricing on 10 or more.

Personal Portraits

I love black and white photography where the impact of an image can be fashioned purely out of light and shadows. If you've looked at my "black and white favorites" in my image galleries, you've already heard me describe black and white as timeless and elegant.  It's certainly worth repeating here. Portraits at home capture the unique essence of you.

These are images created from our collaborative imaginations. To get the best results, these type of portraits require some planning... things such as what you wear, lighting, the choice of other elements in the photo and the perspective of how they're visually combined are important details to discuss before the camera is put to use.

Personal Portrait Prices:

Starting at $250.00

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