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Landscape/Nature Photography

Over 650 pictures shown in my image galleries are available as paper prints at any size, or ready-to-hang canvas, metal and acrylic pieces. 


Commercial Photography

All great advertising begins with a great visual.

Marketing research for decades has proven that readers see a picture first, then look at a caption, and then might read some of your advertising text. Pictures are the first, and in many cases the only, means of communication that you have with your customers. The average time viewing a web page is something like
15 seconds. So it's imperative that pictures tell the story of your business. 

I can help you with that. I make memorable workplace photographs:

•  building exteriors
•  interiors
•  products
•  equipment
•  employees at work

Or more fundamentally... I specialize in ideas to make your sales and marketing get better results.

Not all images are created equal:

Poor quality images – those that are fuzzy, pixelated, poorly composed - are a reflection of your business, and arguably do more harm than good. 

Stock photos – those that are obviously stock photos – look contrived. You know... the ones that were created to look like a Goldman Sachs boardroom with professional models. In other words, stock pictures give your audience the impression that you have no interest in communicating a genuine picture of your business.


Dynamic images:


In photography jargon, there are static images and there are dynamic images. Static images are flat, lack depth and motion. Dynamic images show movement... something which engages and encourages the viewer to explore the picture. Diagonal lines formed by carefully composing elements in an image create movement. People's activities create movement. The simple act of pointing a finger engages the viewer with the photograph.


I can make pictures which tell the story of your business that your audience probably would have missed in a page of text.

People make the difference:

Ask 100 business owners what makes their company excel over the competition, and 99 will probably say their employees make the difference. And, of course, it's human nature to look at pictures of people. That's why it's so important to feature pictures of employees at work in your advertising.  The pictures need to be really good.... and that's my job.


Western Slope Iron.jpg

Business/Headshot Photography


I can shoot everything from a single headshot to a large group, with natural light and location of your choice, or bring a portable fabric backdrop to your place of business with small easy-to-set-up lights... whatever "look" you're looking for.

Canvas GJ_Group Picture.jpg
Canvas GJ_Jordan.jpg
Canvas GJ_Cortnie.jpg


Hi Ed,

You’ve done such a fantastic job, and I really can’t thank you enough for the quality and speed with which you worked.


Canvas Credit Union


I Bring My Studio to You.


Why leave your home or office?  I can bring portable lights and fabric backgrounds in a variety of colors to you for headshots.

Headshot Prices:

Single half-hour session...... $125.00

Business group sessions, 2-4 people...... $70.00 per person

Business group sessions, 5 or more people...... $55.00 per person

Black and White Portrait Photography


I love black and white photography where the impact of an image can be fashioned purely out of light and shadows.


Infuse personal portraits with rich dramatic shadows, bringing attention to the face, or... I can create what's known as a high-key image where bright highlights are dominant, and the darkest tones define just a few key elements of the person. 

Lu Kunzelman   February 26, 2023

Street Portraits

Downtown Grand Junction provides an abundance of natural textures and colorful backgrounds for creating a distinctive portraitMoving the camera during a long exposure creates a ghost-like appearance.

Classic Cars/Light Painting

As a product of the 70s, I have a special affection for classic cars. Light painting, made by aiming a flashlight or strobe at night outdoors or indoors in a darkened garage – at various portions of the subject creates a dramatic picture.


Architectural Photography


First impressions are the most important. For many potential customers, their first impression is going to be from photographs on your website or in your office. So make them good! 


There are a lot of factors which contribute to making a good architectural photograph. Here are a few key aspects that I focus on:


Numerous decisions must be made for selecting the best camera position, bringing attention to primary elements of interest, and either eliminating or minimizing distractions. In that regard, pretty much all genres of photography are the same. Ansel Adams was quoted as saying: "A good picture is knowing where to stand."


The vertical and horizontal lines of buildings get distorted in many pictures, so walls look crooked, buildings look like they’re leaning, or lines converge.  I solve that problem in camera, or in computer post-processing.


Light and shadows create contrast, and it's important to balance the two with good detail in the extremes. A lack of light in dark shadowy areas can create unwanted color casts. Bright outdoor light can create glare, washed out areas of the picture, and subsequent loss of detail. My solution is to shoot multiple exposures and blend them in computer post-processing.

Hotel Photos

Tight spaces in hotel rooms (where off-camera flash might not fit) are one of my specialties. Combining multiple exposures in computer post-processing solves the harsh lighting contrast problem, and I can balance warm vs cool light that often arises from different types of light sources in the same room.




It’s fascinating to me what an artist’s eye catches that mine does not. These are really wonderful photos.

Thanks again, Ed. Amazing work.

Jay Seaton


The Daily Sentinel


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